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Get customer-centric metrics​ for training in real-time,

based on an individual agents performance


People managers are responsible for their team’s development. On the job coaching can be one of the most effective ways to help frontline teams to gain the skills and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences. But coaching is often a burden on managers as their time is torn between problem-solving, questions, data gathering and analysing KPIs.


Managers often get stuck behind a computer screen, which doesn’t add the value to the team that is often needed.


What if you could free up your managers time to spend more time with the team? In-gage Salesforce contact  centre app was designed to help free manager’s time and help change agents behaviour without constant management involvement.  


Our built in salesforce coaching form automatically calculates key customer-centric metrics for your managers and brings examples for discussion with their agents inside of Salesforce. The system will provide examples of where agents are excelling and areas they need help. This data will enrich the conversations and give a manager the valuable coaching time by automatically collating it in Salesforce.


Our individual agent dashboards store these coaching forms for the agent to view at any point as well as their personal KPIs such as NPS, quality and first contact resolution. Individual performance results are displayed in real-time on the dashboard allowing them to track their performance throughout the month inside of Salesforce.

We love what we do and our mission and vision drive us

to change the world one team at a time.

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We regularly host webinars on Coaching – check out the next date below.

This webinar will look at the ways in which coaching in the workplace can often be quite limited; but properly focused coaching and training you can effect positive change in attitude, employee engagement and even profit and ROI.


Obviously, training is an investment, but we’ll be looking at all the positive stats and effects that training can have on an individual and team’s performance and help justify it’s expense.


This session will last about 20 minutes and you’ll take away at least 4 actions you can use to within your business.