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Use real-time NPS to action positive changes and

prove the ROI of great customer service

Customer Loyalty & Advocacy

Net Promoter Score (or NPS) is an industry standard score that allows you to track whether your customers are satisfied enough with your company to recommend you to others – aka. customer loyalty and advocacy. This generates word of mouth sales that will grow your company without the traditional sales and marketing effort.


The secret to NPS is not just measuring it, but using the data to change behaviour and prove the return you get from great service. There are lots of applications that will do the surveying for you, but only the In-gage app will link this to the bottom line and give you insights in your teams down to individual agent level.


Our native survey tool gathers data directly from your customers and brings the insights back into Salesforce for you and your teams to use. With key dashboards built from years of experience, we can help to improve organisations from winning awards to making millions in additional profit.

Who are In-Gage?

We started In-gage to solve the problem we had faced for over 20 years; Why would you offer a great experience, where is the monetary value and can it be proved?


So after years of learning from some of the best (Ritz Carlton, Hollister, Disney, Starbucks, John Lewis, Harvard and Umpqua Bank) we found a winning formula that once and for all answered the age old question what is the ROI of service and what levers do I need to pull to get generate more of these profits.


In-gage was designed to help Service and Sales teams prove the ROI through measuring key customer metrics, like customer loyalty and advocacy through NPS. The app then brings this data in real-time to the people that count, to help them change behaviour and improve processes in a way that drives higher customer loyalty.


Our passion for customer and employee experience is the driving force behind our dedication to make the best app we can.


It is our goal to deliver $1bn in additional profits to our customers who utilise our app. We are on track to make this happen. Every customer we have had has made significant profit increases once that app has gone live.



“Today, in this age of the customer, companies that focus on customer success have the best chance of thriving in a connected world.”

Damilola Erinle
AVP Commercial EMEA, Salesforce



“In-Gage on the Salesforce platform brings great clarity to our customers’ feedback right down to an individual level and gives clear insights into the strategic operations of the company. The financial impact has been outstanding“

COO Fintech

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We regularly host webinars on Customer Feedback and NPS – check out the next date below.

This webinar will be on using Customer Feedback (NPS & loyalty) to turn your Customer Ops from a cost centre to a profit centre.


Join for both our experience with previous customers, as well as industry recommended best practice for measuring customer feedback and what to do with this data. We’ll then cover how to translate this information into the financial impact of your Customer Service.


This session will last about 20 minutes and you’ll take away at least 4 actions you can use to within your business.

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