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prove the ROI of great customer service

Customer Loyalty & Advocacy

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Intelligent Customer Feedback refers to our salesforce survey tool that allows you to send and measure customer surveys. With our salesforce survey solution customer service and contact centre teams can measure for Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). 


The secret to customer surveys is not just measuring it, but using the data to change behaviour and prove the return you get from great service. There are lots of applications that will do the surveying for you, but only the In-gage Salesforce app will link your survey data to the bottom line and give you insights in your teams down to individual agent level.


Our native Salesforce survey tool gathers data directly from your customers and brings the insights back into Salesforce for you and your teams to use. With key dashboards built from years of experience, we can help to improve organisations from winning awards to making millions in additional profit.


Customer advocacy/ NPS

Loyalty Loyalty Scoring


Verbatim Feedback

AI Feedback Categorisation

Fully Customisable Surveys

Live Positive Comment Feed

Live Detractor Coaching Emails


Customer growth through Word of mouth sales

Reduced customer churn rates

Prove the financial impact of customer service

Understand reasons and key areas for improvements

Automatic routing of feedback to the most relevant parties

Introduce touchpoints based on specific customer journeys

Engage your service employees

Actively coach on potential failings

Watch our NPS Webinar


Watch Now

See us on the Appexchange

Watch a 60 second demo