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Flexible and customisable interaction​ analysis

across all your customer touch points


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Quality is the measuring of the consistency of the customer experience regardless of what channel they choose to use to contact you.


In-gage has a native Salesforce quality assurance and assessments solution designed to help you score and measure the quality of your customer service and contact centre. Our Salesforce quality assurance tool is flexible and can be customised not only to suit your industry and requirements but allows several types of scoring from yes/no through to variable per question. The integrated appeals process will allow agents and managers to systematically raise questions and queries on their scores.


As the quality form is built directly into Salesforce quality assurance app you can link the scores and learning directly to cases and opportunities. The enhanced reporting will give your frontline team, managers and senior managers insights into the performance of the team, individuals and departments.


With automated personal dashboards, your agents and managers will be able to track and monitor their own performance and, as it’s linked with In-gages other standard modules, drive improvements that will show on the bottom line.


Quality Audits direct in Salesforce

Customisable forms

Critical errors

Automate reporting and real-time feedback

Coaching items

Coaching forms

Appeals process

Automatic behavioral scoring


Agents use one system with real-time feedback

Standardise your auditing process

Mitigate compliance risks & process errors

High-level details down to granular information on specific interactions

Reduce manager’s time spent data gathering

Click-of-a-button coaching with individualised performance

Enables transparency of QA performance

Intelligently audit cases based on the sentimental behaviors expressed my customers and agents

Watch our Quality Webinar


Watch Now

See us on the Appexchange

Watch a 60 second demo


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