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AI Customer Service
AI Customer Service

One of the most important aspects for any business is having good customer service. It is vital for reputation and building customer loyalty. It is much more cost effective for businesses to keep existing customers happy and returning, then to gain new customers constantly. One of the top problems customers face when using a contact centre is the wait times. The easiest ways to improve your customer service, and keep your customers happy, is to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Technological advancements are always creating solutions for the customer service industry and continual advances in AI customer service are helping to improve efficiency for contact centres. Listed below are some of the benefits of using A.I in your business to improve customer service.

1. Chatbots – for quicker service 

It is well known that people do not like to be kept waiting. The faster you are able to speak with them and start to resolve their problems, the happier the customer will be at the end of the experience. Having live chat functions using AI customer service tools, allows for simple, commonly asked questions to be answered without the need to involve your agents. Not only will this answer these simple questions faster, but it will leave your agents open to take the more complex questions in a faster response time. 

2. Self-serve suggestions

Having self-serve suggestions as part of your customer service not only helps reduce the wait time for customers but also helps reduce strain on your call centre agents. This leaves them open to take more pressing or difficult calls while the simple fixes are solved before they reach an agent. This also helps reduce the stress of your agents having to answer the same questions multiple times a day. 

3. Understanding cases quickly

The use of A.I customer service tools, will help to better understand the customers’ concerns or queries and automatically sort them to the relevant departments. Having the queries go directly to  the correct team will help to reduce wasted time passing between departments. As well as this, the customer will not have to explain their situation multiple times to the wrong teams and reduce the possibility of information getting lost in the process. Check out our quality assurance tool to help you get the best out of our contact centres:

4. Recognising Customers 

A.I technology helps to recognise returning customers and recall their previous transactions with your call centre. The technology is able to highlight this information, making it quick and simple for agents to find it. This means your customer service departments will be more intelligent and equipped than ever before.

This provides a whole new level of service and personalisation to the interactions. Customers will feel like their problems are heard and recognised by your call centres. This can also help identify patterns or recurring issues that a customer may have, making your team better equipped to fix their issue. Find out more:

5. Measure interactions for emotion

Another effective aspect of AI customer service is the use of sentiment analysis. Call centres are able to use A.I to measure customers emotions to better categorise them prior to speaking to any agent. This allows issues to be prioritised if the situation calls for it and helps the agent better understand the situation. With thousands of messages and calls every day, being able to measure emotion and sentiment makes prioritising easier and leaves agents more able to manage their workload. Check out our product specifically designed for this purpose:

6. Higher levels of service without job loss

Many people believe that the increase in A.I technological advances mean the end of jobs. In fact many places have articles stating ‘robots taking over’ and ‘replacing’ you in your job. But don’t worry! In fact, these tools are here to help. By changing the way customer service agents work and providing useful information, this leaves your agents far more informed than ever before. This use of A.I will provide far superior levels of service to your customers, improving the overall efficiency of your business. 

7. Automatically flags compliance risks

Compliance risks are an issue that any business or call centre faces. Artificial Intelligence automatically flags errors for compliance, poor service and expletives and categorises them.

Our In-Gage quality assurance tool runs automatic quality audits and compliance checks to mitigate any compliance risks and process errors to provide better customer service. Check out our product here:

8. Automatically audit all Cases

When contact centres are handling thousands of cases a week, it can be incredibly hard for quality assurance teams to audit a valid amount of cases. In most cases we see only 1-2% of a month’s cases being audited. This opens the business up to compliance risks and means employees are being judged/trained based on 1-2% of their monthly work, usually chosen at random. 

Our In-gage Automated Quality Auditing ensures that all cases are scored based on Sentiment and emotion. This enables QA teams to have a much larger sample size of cases to review and provides the insight to make informed decisions for where to focus audits. 

Find out more here:

As you have seen, A.I. is increasingly useful for contact and call centres to be able to function at a more intelligent and efficient level. If you are interested in finding out more about how A.I. may be right for you, or if you want to learn more you can request a demo from us here

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