Company: GoHenry

Location: Worldwide

Industry: Financial Services

Over £500k in additional profits within 6 months – “The insights it has given us by far exceeds anything that we had before!”

GoHenry is a prepaid card and app for kids and parents. The mission of GoHenry is to enable parents to help their kids become more confident with money and teach them financial literacy. As a financial company focused on helping parents engage with their kids, they have to abide by the highest ethical standards and provide the best customer service experience.

Challenge – No Metrics and struggling to extract the value from Salesforce

GoHenry had been using Salesforce for sometime however they were struggling to make the most of Salesforce for their contact centre. As a company they wanted to improve the efficiency of their contact centres and deliver first rate customer service, but they were struggling to get the right customer metrics. The contact centres at GoHenry had no agreed metrics and no means of measuring customer loyalty.  The result was that they were struggling to extract the value from Salesforce.  They were in desperate search for a solution that could give them clear metrics, drive the right behaviour for their staff and improve their use of Salesforce.  

The In-gage solution – delivering £500k in additional profits within 6 months

The challenge for GoHenry was to find an app that could give them everything they desired to help them to improve their contact centres without wasting money buying numerous Salesforce apps. As a company they were looking for a tool that could help them with quality assurance, first contact response, NPS, employee engagement, coaching and help them prove the ROI of customer service. So they found a match in the In-gage contact centre Salesforce app. 

We were the only contact centre salesforce app that fulfilled all their requirements to help them improve their customer service experience. The results have been tremendous for them achieving:

  • Over £500k in additional profits within 6 months!
  • Overall NPS score increase of 22%
  • First Contact Resolution improvements
  • 14% Customer Loyalty improvement

Claire from GoHenry had this to say about the journey with In-gage so far:

“In-Gage is a fantastic tool for both our Member Services and QA departments. The in-sights it has given us by far exceeds anything that we had before. NPS used to be but a word before In-Gage came along! We have been able to measure and focus on our customers as well as our agents, reporting on achievements at both contact centre level and higher. The feedback has reached the eyes and ears of our management teams and we have been able to feedback on Marketing and Product, ensuring a full business experience.”

As a company GoHenry has been able to achieve remarkable results only after using our Salesforce app for 6 months!

It’s a great achievement for a company  that had no customer metrics and was struggling to extract the value from Salesforce!

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