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“A.I. in Contact Centres – Friend or Foe?” Webinar – 13th June, 12pm

-5Days -14Hours -38Mins -56Secs

This webinar will look at using A.I. in Contact Centres – from the super high tech to the everyday. We’ll focus on machine learning and natural language processing as ways to improve your customer experience and assist your existing staff. Lastly, we’ll cover tips and best practices on how you could integrate A.I. technology into your business.


This webinar will last about 25 minutes and you’ll take away at least 4 actions you can use to within your business. There will also be FAQ covered at the end, so when registering – please do let us know in advance if there is anything specific you would like covered.

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June 13th, 12pm - A.I. in Contact Centres - Friend or Foe? Webinar - Register