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Employee Engagement

It’s not groundbreaking news that happy and engaged employees are more productive and better assists to any company. Measuring and acting on their thought, feeling and concerns will ensure a high level of employee engagement.


In-gage has a native employee engagement module in Salesforce. Not only does this send pulse surveys to employees on a monthly basis, it also brings all the date anonymously into manager dashboards for them to understand where they are excelling and areas they can improve. The survey consists of 9 questions based on research that is proven to not only create a great environment but increase profit. 


The survey collates the data and sends the scores and text-based answers to managers and senior managers for them to be able to action in a near real-time basis directly in Salesforce. By measuring employee engagement on a monthly basis, a companies ability to change and grow increases significantly.

We love what we do and our mission and vision drive us

to change the world one team at a time.

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We regularly host webinars on Employee Engagement – check out the next date below.

This webinar will look at ways you can improve employee engagement and increase profits, boost your NPS and reduce employee turnover.


We’ll discuss where else outside of the typical points of engagement you can get feedback from staff and develop employee dedication, as well as ways to create a long-standing company culture.


This session will last about 20 minutes and you’ll take away at least 4 actions you can use to within your business.