In-Gage Case Study – Evaluate

Uplift in NPS for Evaluate’s global Client Success operation with regional teams hitting monthly highs of 80-90%.

Who are Evaluate?

Evaluate is the trusted provider of commercial intelligence including product sales and consensus forecasts to 2022 for commercial teams and their advisors within the global life science industry. Evaluate services enables clients to make high-value decisions through superior quality, timely, must-have data and insights, combined with personalised, expert client support.

Who are In-gage?

In-gage are customer experience data tracking specialists and consultants. Their In-gage Salesforce App helps service and sales teams prove their return on investment through measuring key customer metrics. The app then brings this data in real-time to the people that count. Helping them change behaviour and improve processes to drive higher customer loyalty. Continue reading our In-gage case study for Evaluate to find out how we helped them.

The impact for Evaluate Client Success

Evaluate’s global Client Success team help users of Evaluate services extract the highest quality data and analysis they need to make critical business decisions. They conduct initial personalized new user training and then ensure that day-to-day support needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Their management team used to take customer service data from each team’s Survey Monkey report, extract it, input it to Excel, data sort it and then put the insight they’d gathered into PowerPoint.

Now, using the In-gage app, they have a dashboard in Salesforce showing live information. These are grouped by Client Account and Client Success Manager. This has not only saved the management team a huge amount of time in crunching numbers but also gives them significant insight into the team’s performance and direction on the Client Account plan to drive retention and new business growth.

Benefits from the In-Gage app

Because the data is real-time, there’s immediate feedback on the team’s strengths and weaknesses. So, it’s now simpler to address and coach issues as they arise. In-gage’s live information means the team performs better, but also proactively on feedback if there are client concerns.

In fact, because they’re easy to keep track of, the team follow up almost instantly on all detractor and passive comments. This creates a massive service differential over competitors.

Promoter comments also get feedback and are great for internal reinforcement of all the hard work and effort the Client Success team put in. It’s a powerful motivator when the team gets comments directly from clients explaining what great service and assistance they have provided.

Evaluate recently upgraded their product interface, further enhancing the experience for their users. After the upgrade, they automatically sent all users a survey requesting feedback. Because the feedback was shared with the product development and Senior Management teams, key people in the business got feedback on the product launch as well as information that’s helped steer future product enhancements.

This focus on service performance has allowed the team to save customers that would have otherwise left with startling results for loyalty. In fact, 96% users now say they’ll stay with Evaluate.

The impact for Sales, Account Management  and Marketing

The Sales and Account Management team are able to take the In-gage net promoter score and real-time customer feedback to see instantly how healthy each of their accounts is. They can clearly see detractors and promoters at an individual (rather than account) level and put in place strategies to match each person.

The Evaluate team now has a live account dashboard that gives them an instant overview of usage statistics, contact rates and customer feedback.

This has exceptionally powerful practical outputs. For example, if the Product team is about to release a new product enhancement they can home in on the needs of specific client departments. The sales team can then work with known promoters inside the client’s firm and get personal introductions to contacts where they can add most value.

The Marketing team can also use the information to make sure key people get tailored, relevant marketing material. This can echo messages and insights directly gathered from the In-gage customer feedback.

The Product team close the loop by getting real-time feedback on the new product so they can act dynamically to adapt and improve it.


This immediate access to real-time customer data has enabled Evaluate’s Client Success team to boost their service net promoter score  to staggering high monthly values of 80-90%. The number of customers stating they will remain loyal to the firm is up to 95%. And, perhaps most significantly, this increase in NPS and satisfaction and the collaboration between the Client Success, Sales, Product and Marketing teams has helped support double digit company growth.In conclusion this In-Gage case study shows Evaluate was able to improve drastically.

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