Who are In-Gage?

£10 Million Saved for Our Clients
20 years Experience
Used in 3 Continents

In-gage is the only Salesforce customer service app that improves your customer service, develops your employees, and directly affects business growth.

In-gage was created in 2015 by customer service and training leaders who were passionate about providing great customer service and proving its ROI. As we were born out of the contact centre industry, we understand the problems leadership, managers and agents face daily to provide service at the ever-increasing expectations of customers.

We are helping service teams across the world to measure and improve customer loyalty and advocacy (NPS), increase service efficiency, and improve the quality of service. Our native salesforce customer service app is easy to implement and will enhance your contact centre team’s work.

With the addition of our AI assistant I-vie in 2018 we are now helping businesses to:

  • Automatically categorise cases to the most relevant teams & prioritise customer queue positions based on emotion/sentiment
  • Automatically audit all customer interactions based on emotion/sentiment and check every case for regulatory compliance
  • Enable customer-driven change in all business areas from auto-categorised customer feedback

With In-gage, we take complexity and bring clarity.