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Who are In-Gage?

Our Vision


To make 200 companies legendary for service by 2020 and create


£1 billion in profit for the organisations we work with.

£10 Million Saved So Far

20 years Experience

Used in 3 Continents

In-gage was started to solve the problem we had faced for over 20 years: Why would you offer a great experience, where is the monetary value and can it be proved?


So after years of learning from some of the best ( Ritz Carlton, Hollister, Disney, Starbucks, John Lewis, Harvard and Umpqua Bank) we found a winning formula that once and for all answered the age old question – what is the ROI of service and what levers do I need to pull to get generate more of these profits.


In-gage was designed to help contact centre and call centre teams prove the ROI through measuring key customer metrics using the power of Salesforce. The app then brings this data in realtime to the people that count, to help them change behaviour and improve processes in a way that drives higher customer loyalty.


Our passion for customer and employee experience is the driving force behind our dedication to make the best salesforce customer service application we can.


It is our goal to deliver $1bn in additional profits to our customers who utilise our app. We are on track to make this happen. Every customer we have had has made significant profit increases once that app has gone live.

We love what we do and our mission and vision drive us

to change the world one team at a time.



Transform people and companies to create legendary service.




We transform through experiences

We take complexity and bring clarity

We make and keep promises

Above all else we have passion and fun in what we do