If you want customers to keep coming back to you, every customer interaction has to be handled with equal care and enthusiasm. Not just the juicy transactions or the times something goes wrong and you’re trying extra hard to win them back. All. Of. Them. As people can definitely tell when the are being half listened to or rushed through a phone call. So all your customer-facing staff, from complaints to finance, need to be aware and onboard of this strategy.


Having Managers that empower and motivate your team to stay engaged and deliver the best service they can is key. Here are 4 of our best ways you can inspire your Managers to empower their teams and stimulate employee engagement:



1. Expectations

A Manager should be able to easily relay your company’s vision and values to their teams, so they can all work together to meet them. However, this only happens if your management team have clear objectives themselves. Take the time to make sure they’re in the know as to your goals and where you are trying to get to, not just how to get the team there. If they are fully focused on the outcome of your customer and be able to explain clearly what is expected of them and their team – everyone will know what you are all working towards. Then they’ll be in the fantastic position of being able to utilise their time in hching individuals in the team, sharing best practice and, all importantly celebrating successes.


2. Care

We spend an average 40% of our waking week at work (apparently 15% of people actually fall asleep once a week at work, but that’s a different blog!) Managers should be trying to put together teams that people enjoy spending time in, and therefore are inspired to perform better. Team members should feel so involved that they actually looked forward to be working in their teams. This will require some thoughtful work by Managers, as you need to get the pairings right that so that people are happy but also motivated by the people around them. No two people are the same and clever Managers will recognise this, then try and put people together who compliment each other.


3. Develop Staff

Einstein said ‘if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ Obviously there are certain standards that have to be met, but focusing on the strengths of individuals within your team brings the best out of everyone. Get your management to keep an eye out for peoples strengths, then draw them out. Use commitment-based inghing conversations to build trust between Managers and their teams, as coaching and supporting should be about 80% of a Managers role – whilst using this time to look for peoples strengths to develop.


4. Praise, Praise, Praise

Studies suggest praising people five times for every single time we offer improvement, inspires a desire to do well. Which does sound pretty obvious when you say it out loud, but a lot of us forget to give others a pat on the back when they do something well – but are very quick to point out when something could have been done better. Train Managers to follow four principles: Praise others, have pride in yourself, be proud of your team, and make best friends. This reinforces positivity, and drives high motivation, productivity and bonds within the work community. Celebrate your teams success and show them what great looks like, by leading by example you will increase employee engagement and productivity.



If you have amazing Managers that create fully-engaged brand advocates who take pride in and love being at work – obviously this will lead to frontline agents who constantly amaze your customers! if you’re employee love being at work and are praised by their Managers when they succeed, that will naturally affect the way they speak to customers – who will enjoy speaking to these happy, motivated staff. So what does this equate to overall? Increased loyalty, more sales and therefore more profit. With our application you can measure employee engagement in Salesforce. Sounds pretty good to us…




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