4 Ways A.I. Can Assist and Advance your Contact Centre


As we get more into Artificial Intelligence with the next iteration of our app, we’ve noticed a lot of the conversation around A.I. in Contact Centres is that of trepidation and suspicion. As we discussed in our last A.I. blog ‘AI – Are the robots coming for our jobs?‘, people seem worried that this technology means less work for humans and more for the robots!


However advanced and exciting all the examples of A.I. may seem, we’re not quite at the point where technology can completely take over. Keep on reading for 4 examples of how working with this technology can not only improve your Contact Centre but actually free up agents and staff to focus on the most important (and human) aspects of their roles…


Leave humans to do the human stuff


One of the main complaints about A.I. is that people get frustrated by its lack of understanding or human-like interaction. An example of this is when you ask a question and it comes back with ‘Did you mean…’ followed by an FAQ or answer that is completely unrelated. It’s also been shown that 75% of people want to know when they are talking to a chatbot, and 48% consider chatbots pretending to be people ‘creepy’ (DigitasLBi).

So really, it’s simple. Make sure when a query or technical issue that is previously unseen or not immediately recognisable to the A.I. comes up, it forwards the issue to an agent. And don’t try and pass off your chatbot as a human! This way the frustration of arguing with an automated chatbot is avoided and the more sensitive or complicated questions are handled by people.


Speed up slow processes – where it’s needed


The brilliance of A.I. is that technology can tackle tasks much quicker than a human ever could. So, when looking at incorporating A.I. tech into your Contact Centre, start with the tasks that are the most tedious (yet have to be done) and see if some automation can help. For example, a study conducted by the legal A.I. platform ‘LawGeex’ found that a review of a contract that took a lawyer 92 minutes, took the A.I. platform 26 seconds. This means less time spent looking for issues in contracts and documents and more time focused on valuable tasks such as client counselling and other high-value work.

Rather than trying to add more tasks to people’s plate with new tech and systems, first look back and see what can be improved. Once they’re on board with the improved way of doing the old things, then look at adding new speedy processes.


Let the A.I. handle the admin


Another great way of getting an A.I. chatbot and humans to work together is to get the A.I. to handle all the admin needed at the beginning to find out who they are. We’re talking email, account number, phone plan – whatever it is you need to find their contact history in your CRM system. That way your agents have more time to chat with customers and will appreciate having to repeatedly ask the same questions all day! As snapLogic research has found that a giant 90% of employees are being burdened with boring and repetitive tasks including searching for data, entering data and combining data from multiple sources. This costs businesses on average 19 working days a year per employee – so don’t you think it makes sense to look into automating some of this?


Think outside the box, for out-of-the-box solutions


There are so many great A.I. based solutions out there that could be extremely useful in a Contact Centre that don’t involve a chatbot or super slick email scanning software. A great example of an A.I. technology that could be really useful doesn’t involve a huge install or massive investment is Grammarly. Even one of their adverts uses an example of someone handling customer complaints on Twitter.

By using something like Grammarly across the board at your business, you can be reassured that written communications are representing your business well and are standardised. This is just one example of a way you can incorporate some A.I. into your Contact Centre that isn’t made specifically for Customer Service.




If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can use A.I. within your Contact Centre and what we’re doing, we’re hosting a webinar all about Artificial Intelligence – details here. We’ll be looking at machine learning and natural language processing as ways to improve your customer experience and assist your existing staff. As well as some tips and best practices on how you could integrate A.I. technology into your business.

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